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Toya, the founder of high-end landscape architects!

Toya, ten years dedicated to the landscape [design, construction and maintenance] one-stop service, business scope: villas, courtyards, Roof garden, high-end clubs, residential property, factories, parks and so on.

We aim to maintain high standard of service for you!

Exhibition space

Toya exhibition space is located in Shanghai seed industry flower market which is more than 1000 square meters. It is created by the landscape designers and independent research centre which makes the space purely natural non-labor carved, withour tedious piling up but also to reach the harmonous with the surounding environment. Research centre not only fully considered the charcteristic of the plant but also reasonable matched the related plant the exhibition spance finally demonstrate much senery in one season and one step one senery which welcomes everyone whenever you come.


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  • Western suburbs of Changtai
  • The western suburbs of Liyuan.
  • Sheshan Longyuan.
  • Longhu Mount Hope 269.
  • Longhu Mount Hope 267.
  • Wharf
  • Lake peach garden

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